Score is open 8am until 9pm. Dayli. Online orders are accepted 24/7. Store address: "Food city", Cross-dock №10, Score №1, " Live seafood"

About company

About company.
In 2015, the company "Laostra" appeared on the Moscow market of live seafood and thanks to the freshness and quality of our products, We have already won our regular customers among retail customers and among Moscow restaurants. We offer our customers only fresh seafood, as well as related products such as Italian spaghetti, Asian noodles, various sauces and drinks.
We understand that it is difficult to keep seafood fresh away from their natural habitat. That is why the philosophy of our company:
From the sea to the table.
We have our own unique life support system, where sea creatures feel "at home".  Because of this, we guarantee the freshness of our products, regardless of the time of year, weather conditions and other phenomena.
Not many companies in Moscow are ready to offer you the delivery of live seafood to your home, office or event. We love our customers, because for us the reputation of the company is the main factor of work, and we try to make the most convenient service. We will deliver to You only the freshest seafood, which you can treat yourself and your loved ones.
Store address:
107023, Moscow, 22nd km of Kaluzhskoye shosse, OPTS, Food city, cross-dock No. 10, Shop No. 1 ,"Live seafood".
Mode of operation from 7-00 to 19-00. Monday through Sunday.
Phone +7(905) 528-46-69