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Clean the liver with seafood

Our ancestors left us an organism trained to the harsh rhythms of deprivation. Hunger, cold, primitive processed, rough food. The ancestors built the body as a bold challenge to space and time, as the result of a great desire for Life, for perfection. With a wide range of possibilities, a huge margin of safety, a wonderful property of omnivore. We are given the best that was collected bit by bit and saved for us through the dark ages. Mighty and funny ancestors! They left us amazing legends, rituals and traditions of health, discovered new lands and food, laws of nature, elixirs of immortality. But they couldn't account for one thing. Their descendants will create boundless comfort that reduces the metabolic processes in the tissues, leading to stagnation in the blood. They will create an industry of high-quality, high-calorie, tender food that relieves the load from all digestive organs. Together with sophisticated technology and preservatives came from inactivity of the intestines.

The liver is Central to the processes of metabolism. Almost half of the protein synthesized per day is formed in the liver, numerous protein complexes are formed in the liver (lipoproteins, glycoproteins, bile lipid complex, etc.). the role of the liver in the cleavage and transformation of amino acids - deamination and transamination-is Extremely important. Synthesizing urea from the ammonia formed during the exchange of amino acids, the liver performs a very important function - detoxification of the body. All the nutrients absorbed into the blood from the digestive tract - the products of digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, minerals and vitamins - pass through the liver and are processed in it. In this case, part of the amino acids (protein fragments) and part of the fat are converted into carbohydrates, so the liver is the largest "depot" of glycogen in the body. It synthesizes plasma proteins-globulins and albumin.

It is not difficult to help your liver function at full capacity. to do this, you need to carry out a special unloading diet at least once a year, combining it with taking a drug to activate the metabolic processes in the liver cells. This prevention will be useful to the whole body, and in addition will have a favorable effect on your appearance and well-being.

In the process of a liver cleansing diet, avoid any seafood and those types of fish that are high in mercury – for example, swordfish or tuna. Stay away from prepared meat products such as sausages, sausages, pates or ready-made mince, because they contain nitrites and other preservatives that add unnecessary stress to the liver. And completely eliminate alcohol!


Corbicula (Corbicula fluminea) is a bivalve river clam widely distributed in Asia. In many countries, it is classified as a delicacy, because its meat is very tasty. Shiny black or brown shell up to 50 mm long. It prefers to settle in the brackish water of estuaries and coastal lagoons. The largest accumulations are observed on silts at depths of 0.5-2 meters.

Its delicious and nutritious meat is a source of complete protein, essential amino acids, including taurine, and substances that have a therapeutic and preventive effect.

The muscle tissue of these shellfish differs significantly from other seafood. So, in comparison with fish, shellfish meat contains 5-8 times more carbohydrates, which with proteins or lipids form compounds that can stimulate the human immune system and have an anti-lipemic effect.

The tissues contain natural water-soluble (B1, B2, B6, PR C, etc.) and fat-soluble (A, E, D, K, etc.) vitamins. Therefore, the systematic use of Corbicula is very useful for preventing myocardial infarction and eliminating blood clots. Shellfish contain substances (taurine, glycine) that regulate blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism, as well as antioxidant compounds necessary for the treatment of hypertension, arthritis, liver and for tissue regeneration after radiation damage.

Corbicula meat contains a balanced set of macro-and microelements, including true Bioelements. Shellfish tissues are rich in potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the health of people with high blood pressure. Shellfish contain such are important for the body trace elements as selenium, iodine and fluoride. Studies have shown that Corbicula tissues are enriched with compounds that have high antioxidant and anti-radical activity.

Medico-biological and clinical trials have proved that extracts from fresh and frozen Corbicula can be used as an effective preventive or auxiliary treatment for acute toxic hepatitis and chronic liver damage. Extracts have hepatoprotective activity and affect the functional state of the liver of patients suffering from pathology of the hepatobiliary system. They normalize the activity of liver-specific enzymes, prevent the development of pathological changes typical for acute hepatitis.

Constant intake of Corbicula extract protects internal organs from toxic destruction and helps restore the functions of organs destroyed in chronic alcoholism. The Japanese believe that soup Corbicula "of Suzie" is an effective cure for jaundice.

Regular consumption of Corbicula broth stimulates the regeneration of liver cells, normalizes the activity of liver enzymes and the antioxidant system of the liver. Prevents the development of pathological changes in the cellular structure of the liver. In case of toxic and alcoholic hepatitis, the product is recommended for the prevention of liver and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as for the activation of the body's immune system.

The folk recipe is very simple.

In the evening, fill 10 Corbicula shells with a glass of water.

Bring to a boil and turn off.

Set to cool until morning.

In the morning, we drink on an empty stomach. And so 10 days. The effect is amazing.

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Health To You!!!