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Cooking shrimp on the grill

Shrimp on the grill can be cooked in a shell or in a purified form. It is important to remove the dark vein, which is the intestine. If you do not, the shrimp can be bitter. The prepared product is washed and dried. Connected with the marinade. For cooking on the grill often use large types of seafood. But small, too, can be use. They necessarily put on a skewer, more often use disposable wooden sticks. Large shrimp can be cooked simply on the grill or skewered on a basis.
What is used for marinade:
* different types of vinegar;
* lemon or other juices;
* soy sauce;
* tomato;
* garlic.
The shrimp are perfectly combined with all kinds of greens, olives, tomatoes. They are ideal Basil and a mixture of Provencal herbs. The product does not require long marinating, it perfectly absorbs flavors and tastes for the first hour. Then it can be put on the grill, bring to readiness.
How to determine the readiness of shrimp? If they are prepared in the shell, it is enough to give it a red on both sides. If shrimp are cooked in purified form, then you need to wait until the meat is no longer transparent. It is very important not to overdo the marine product. Otherwise, it will become rubber, tasteless.
Shrimp on the grill-useful tips and tricks
* Defrosting shrimp-a very important point. To preserve the taste, it is important not to lower the product into water, do not leave it in a thawed liquid, do not keep warm, do not use a microwave oven. What to do? Put the shrimp in a colander, put on a pan, pull the plastic wrap on top, then put in the refrigerator.
* Prick on the skewer need shrimp from the tail to the side of the head, but not Vice versa.
* Wooden skewers quickly burn on the grill, turn black, give an unpleasant smell. To avoid this, they are soaked in water for at least half an hour immediately before cooking.
• What to serve shrimp with? In fact, any garlic sauce will suit, the product goes well with olives, fresh vegetables, lemon juice. If a little shrimp, it is better to prepare a fresh salad.
Grilled shrimp in soy marinade
To prepare this marinade for shrimp on the grill, you need a good soy sauce. It will greatly depend on the taste of the product. Marinate can be peeled seafood or in the shell.
This recipe is well-suited for squid.
• 1 kg shrimp;
* 150 g soy sauce;
• 1 large lemon;
* 5 sprigs of Basil;
• 5 tbsp oil;
• 1 teaspoon of honey.
1.    To prepare shrimp, place them in a bowl or container.
2.    Combine honey and soy sauce. Stir until dissolved.
3.    Rinse the lemon, squeeze all the juice out of the citrus. Add to marinade.
4.    To enter the olive oil.
5.    Mash sprigs of Basil and finely chop. Pour into shrimp.
6.    Add marinade, mix well.
7.    Cover the pot and leave for at least 15 minutes.
8.    Preheat the grill or coals. Put the shrimp, fry the seafood until Golden brown and ready!
Grilled prawns in ginger marinade
The main ingredient of this grilled shrimp marinade is ginger. Need certainly fresh root, with a dry product will get a completely different taste, besides it will be difficult to calculate the amount.
• 15 g of fresh ginger;
• 1 kg shrimp;
* 3 garlic cloves;
* 40 ml of oil;
* sea salt;
• 2 bundles of dill.
1.    In the recipe specified piece of peeled ginger. RUB it finely, the same is done with peeled garlic cloves. Fill it all with oil, stir.
2.    Prepare the shrimp according to the rules, sprinkle with sea salt, stir.
3.    I crumple hands fennel. You can use other greens. Put one bundle on the bottom of the container.
4.    Pour shrimp ginger marinade, stir. Stack on top of dill.
5.    The second bunch of greens also need to mash. Cover the shrimp.
6.    Leave the product for an hour.
7.    Remove the greens from the top, strung the seafood on the skewers, spread on the hot grill. Cook for a couple of minutes on each side.
8.    To serve this dish, you can use teriyaki sauce with ginger, which will emphasize the taste of shrimp.
Of grilled shrimp marinated in orange
To prepare the marinade, do not use ready-made orange juice. The product should be made by yourself from fresh citrus. This amount of marinade is calculated on 1 kg of large shrimps.
* 200 ml orange juice;
* 0.5 tsp ginger;
• 1 tsp salt;
• 1 tablespoon of honey;
• 0,3 tsp. of the mixture of different peppers;
• 20 ml of oil.
1.    In orange juice pour salt, stir. Take a full spoon with a tubercle.
2.    Add all other seasonings, dissolve.
3.    At the end, pour the oil.
4.    All carefully stir, to mass was homogeneous.
5.    Prepare for marinating shrimp. Put it in.
6.    Pour the product with orange mixture, mix and close, so that the shrimp does not dry up.
7.    Leave the seafood for a couple of hours. Periodically, they need to be mixed, as the marinade flows down. If the container is closed tightly, you can simply turn upside down, and then Vice versa.
8.    Take out the shrimp, shake off the excess marinade, put the product on the sticks.
9.    Rearrange on the grill, cook marinated shrimp until light brown on both sides.
Grilled prawns with pineapples
Recipe for spicy shrimp kebabs grilled with pineapple. A canned product is used here, as it is more affordable.
• 1 can of pineapple rings;
• 2 cloves of fresh garlic;
• 0,5 kg of shrimp in the shell;
• 20 ml of oil;
* 0.2 tsp chilli pepper;
* salt;
* 0.3 tsp black pepper;
• 1 tsp. of chopped peel.
1.    Make a cut in the shell of the shrimp with a sharp knife. Gently remove the intestines.
2.    Combine the crushed zest and chopped garlic, add to them both types of peppers, oil and salt. RUB everything together.
3.    Open the pineapple. Pour 0.5 cups of juice, combine it with a fragrant mixture for marinade. Stir.
4.    Pour the shrimp, leave for an hour.
5.    Cut the pineapple rings into quarters.
6.    Strung on wooden skewers shrimp mixed with pineapple.
7.    We prepare kebabs on a preheated grill.
Salad with grilled shrimp
Recipe amazing salad, which is prepared with the addition of shrimp. You can cook them according to any of the recipes above.
* 12 shrimp;
• 10 sheets of iceberg lettuce;
* 150 g of small mozzarella;
• 10 cherry tomatoes;
• 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice;
* 2 tablespoons of olive oil. oils;
* 10 olives;
• 1 tsp sesame seeds.
1.    Leaf salad should be well washed, dried. Then tear it by hand. Half laid on a dish, the second part is thrown off in a bowl.
2.    Cut the olives in half, throw in a bowl.
3.    Take small balls of mozzarella, drain the brine, shift into a salad. If the cheese is large, you have to cut it carefully.
4.    Cherry washed, dried and cut into halves, like olives. Put in a bowl.
5.    Connect the oil and prepared lemon juice, salt dressing.
6.    Pour the sauce into a bowl. Gently mix the salad with two blades.
7.    We shift on top of the dish with pieces of torn iceberg. In General, you can use other lettuce. But they don't have to be very small. There are similar recipes with arugula.
8.    Top lay out the shrimp from the grill, sprinkle with sesame seeds. You can use pine nuts, they also get a very interesting taste.