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Cooking the octopus

Do you want to be cheerful - like Italians, hot - like Spaniards and loving - like the French? Eat more octopuses! It is in them lies the secret of cheerfulness, energy and temperament of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean.
Octopuses do not use at us great popularity, and for good reason! Put them out with tomatoes in red wine and season with olive oil, as the Italians do, bake on a grill with parsley, as the Portuguese like or simply fry in breadcrumbs following the example of the inhabitants of Provence and you will discover the amazing taste of these bizarre shellfish. Octopuses are especially good in dishes where there are other seafood - salads, soups, fricassee. They are friends with vegetables-tomatoes, potatoes, beans, as well as rice and algae. Season them better with olive oil, lemon juice, wine vinegar or soy sauce.
Tentacles, head and mantle are considered edible. The quality of meat depends on the weight of the animal. In small and medium-sized mollusks meat elastic, dense, pure white. If you press it, it will release some water. Large octopuses have a watery white color and emit a lot of liquid. Mollusks are divided into 4 categories: I - weighing up to 2 kg; II from 2 to 5; III - from 5 to 10; IV - more than 10 kg are the Most valuable octopus II and III cat. They contain more protein and give the highest percentage of output of pure meat after cutting. Octopuses II cat. used for canned food, minced meat and various culinary dishes. Octopuses III cat. less fleshy, they are suitable for canning and culinary products in boiled and fried form. Minced of them is not of high quality. The meat of larger octopuses, jelly-like and watery. In food use only their the mantle of.
Shellfish come to the store shelves chilled or frozen. Buying small and medium-sized octopuses that are sold whole, look into their eyes. If the white part of the eye is large, clean and transparent - you can safely take, molluscs edible.
Harder with large octopuses. Before you put them on sale cut, and on the shelves we see only the tentacles - the most valuable part of the carcass. In this case, the clue is the skin. It should be shiny, dense, nice brown.
Skin tears on the arms of the black spots? Before you low-quality product - octopus stale or violated the rules of its storage. Note also the smell - from good shellfish comes fresh "iodized" flavor of the sea.
Cut fresh or chilled shellfish along the torso and remove the insides. Don't throw away the ink bag - there are many interesting recipes that use ink. If the octopus is large, it is better to remove the skin from it. This is easy to do after blanching while the carcass is hot. Thin skin can be simply scraped off with a knife. Separate the tentacles from the head and cut. Don't forget to remove the eyes and beak. Rinse the octopus thoroughly under cold water and dry. Meat is recommended to beat off a kitchen hammer since it quite rigid. Frozen octopus must first be thawed and cleaned of the skin. Better to defrost it in a natural way, allowing to soak in the refrigerator for days. Don't defrost the clam in the microwave! Octopus meat before cooking, pour cold water. Cooking time depends on the size of the clam. It should be noted that after about 20 minutes of heat treatment, the octopus becomes solid-so it is prepared or less or more time.
To cook small shellfish, it will take about 3-5 minutes. Large, cut into pieces, cook from 45 minutes to 1 hour. When cooking them do not salt and pepper. To meat octopus has not become rubber, it should be cooled in the same water in which it was cooked.
To check the readiness of the octopus, gently pierce it with a knife. It should be easy to get into the meat and it should not fall apart. Octopus meat can be cooked without water-stew for twenty to thirty minutes in a small amount of olive oil. Salt should be at the end of cooking.
Of octopus with squid are tasty burgers. Remove shellfish beaks, disembowel them and mince, add garlic, onions and greens. Roll in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil for no more than 2-3 minutes.