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Red salmon caviar kizhuch

Red salmon caviar kizhuch

  • Brand: Kamchatka territory
  • Product Code: Икра красная лососевая кижуча (300 гр.)
  • Availability: Soon on sale

text_price1 800 р./кг.

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Red salmon coho caviar
The coho is a large Far Eastern fish belonging to the salmon family. His caviar rightfully occupies a worthy place among such delicacies. It can be safely called a real storehouse of protein, amino acids, vitamins and various useful substances. 
The product is effectively used in children's and dietary nutrition. It is quickly absorbed by the body. Also, it occupies a leading place on the festive table as delicious sandwiches or as part of various dishes.
The eggs are quite large, characterized by a rich red color. They have a piquant taste with a barely perceptible bitterness.

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Red salmon caviar kizhuch
Calorie content: 243 kcal
Caviar, salt, preservative, E-211, Е-200
Nutritional value:
Proteins - 32 g;
Fats - 13 g
Supplied Dimensions:
packing of different volumes
Shelf life and storage conditions:
8 months at a temperature of -4С to -6С.
Produced in Russia

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