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Caviar red salmon nerki

Caviar red salmon nerki

  • Brand: Kamchatka territory
  • Product Code: Икра красная лососевая нерки (500 гр).
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Red salmon caviar sockeye salmon
The Far Eastern sockeye salmon is considered one of the most exquisite delicacies. Accordingly, red salmon sockeye salmon caviar is highly appreciated by gourmets for its excellent taste qualities. Eggs are characterized by small size and rich red color.
This product is always a decoration of the festive table, delivering gastronomic pleasure to guests and households. It can be an independent dish and is included in the recipes of various gourmet dishes.
Caviar contains omega-3 acids and many useful substances. Helps strengthen the immune system.
It goes on sale in a slightly salted form. Salting corresponds to GOST.

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Caviar red salmon nerds

Calorie content: 243 kcal
Caviar, salt, preservative E-211, Е-200
Nutritional value:
Proteins - 32 g;
Fats - 13 g
Supplied Dimensions:
packing of different volumes
Shelf life and storage conditions:
8 months at a temperature of -4С to -6С.
Produced in Russia

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