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Pike caviar

Pike caviar

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Pike caviar
   Fans of salmon caviar may be very surprised to taste pike caviar. This product is a classic of Russian national cuisine and tastes as good as some elite delicacies. Great for making sushi. The eggs are bright yellow or orange.
    It is characterized by low calorie content and contains a lot of useful substances, vitamins, trace elements, omega-3 acids. It is used in dietary and wellness nutrition. Increases immunity, stabilizes the endocrine and nervous system.
    Pike caviar has long been considered an effective aphrodisiac.  Its use increases libido and is equally useful for men and women.

Product characteristics
Specifications Pike caviar Calorie content: 131 kcal Composition: pike caviar, salt. Nutritional value: Proteins - 28 g; Fats – 3 g Shelf life: 18 months at a temperature not higher than - 18C. Produced in Russia (Astrakhan)

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