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How to cook halibut in the oven

Halibut baked in the oven has a balanced chemical composition, low calorie content and excellent taste, which is why it has gained popularity among adherents of a healthy diet and those who want to lose extra pounds without harm to health.
1 kg halibut; 50 ml of vermouth; 30 ml of lemon juice; 20 g thyme; 20 g thyme; 120 g of lemons; 50 g butter; salt pepper.
Cooking method:
Free the fish from scales, cut out the insides, remove the tail with the head, wash the carcass and dry it.
Make transverse cuts on the carcass from 2 sides.
Combine salt, pepper and rub the fish with the resulting mixture.
Chop the lemon into thin rings.
Melt butter, add lemon juice and stir.
Pour in the vermouth and stir again.
Arrange the citrus slices on a baking sheet, place the halibut on top of them, pour over the sauce and sprinkle with chopped thyme and thyme.
Bake in an oven preheated to 190 ° C for 25-30 minutes. Ready fish can be served at the table, rice or wheat groats are suitable as a side dish.