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Zephyr EIWA Blueberry

Zephyr EIWA Blueberry
  • Brand: Japan
  • Product Code: Зефир EIWA Голубика
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Zephyr EIWA Blueberry

Net mass: 80 g

Ingredients: starch molasses, sugar, glucose, gelatin, corn starch, corn, concentrated blueberries juice, soy protein, acidifying agent, flavoring agent, apple pectin, food dye (beet red, gardenia yellow).

Nutritional value: per 80 g: proteins - 2.1 g, fats - 0.1 g, carbohydrates -65.7 g, sodium - 38 mg.

Energy value: 80 g: 272 kcal

Shelf life: use inclusive: see on package.

Storage conditions: avoid direct sunlight and exposure to high temperatures, it is possible to fade the product, which does not affect its quality.

The goods are certified.

It is made in Japan

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