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Fried smelt

Smelt - small fish, beautiful and very tasty.

It differs from other fish in that it has an unusual aroma of cucumbers.

We want to share with you a simple recipe for cooking fried smelt. The fish is tender and with a crisp crust.


Smelt - 1 kg;

Flour - 200 g;

Vegetable oil - 100 g;

Salt - to taste.


1. You need to wash the smelt, clean, cut off the heads and remove all the insides. Then you need to wash well again.

2. Then you need to mix salt with flour. The whole fish is well collapsed in this mixture.

3. Put the smelt one to one on a pan in which there is already vegetable oil.

4. After the fish is fried, on the one hand, for 3-4 minutes, it needs to be turned over and continue to fry.

5. When the smelt is fried on both sides, we transfer it to a plate and enjoy its tender taste.