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Shrimp comb "Botan Ebi" in/m


  • Brand: Primorsky Krai
  • Product Code: Креветка гребенчатая "Ботан Эби" в/м (small)
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text_price950 р./кг.

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Shrimp comb "Botan Ebi" boiled-frozen

     The combed shrimp is one of the largest fish caught in the waters of the Far East. It has a beautiful crest that adorns the body. The meat is very juicy, reminiscent of crab, with a pleasant sweetish taste.
    The shrimp is caught at a very great depth, which makes it environmentally friendly and rich in nutrients. The pulp contains a lot of protein, vitamins A, C, group B, various trace elements. The product is considered low-calorie and is suitable not only as a delicacy, but also for a healthy diet.
   Shrimps are presented in boiled-frozen form. This means that immediately after defrosting they can be consumed.

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