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Equal - legged striped shrimp 40/50 , raw frozen

  • Brand: Magadan region
  • Product Code: Креветка равнолапая полосатая 40/60 , сыромороженная
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text_price1 700 р./кг.

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Shrimp equal-toed striped 40/50 raw-frozen.

   Striped equal-toed shrimp occupies a worthy place among delicacies. Sufficiently large sizes are combined with a pleasant sweetish taste and dense meat structure. It looks very beautiful on the table, thanks to the delicate marbled color with pink hues, which it also has in its raw form.

  The product is raw frozen. It is frozen immediately after being caught, on board the vessel, which guarantees exceptional freshness. Shrimp meat contains a large amount of protein, includes vitamins A, C and group B, trace elements.

  This seafood is included in the recipes of various cuisines of the world and goes well with a variety of ingredients. It is also recommended to include it in the diet of athletes, people with poor health, after major operations.

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Shrimp equal-legged striped 40/60, raw-frozen
Calorie content: 95 kcal 397 KJ.
Ingredients: northern shrimp, water (protective ice shell).
Nutritional value per 100 g:
Proteins - 18.2 g;
Fats - 2.2 g;
Carbohydrates - 1 g.
Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production at a storage temperature not higher than -25 C.
Mass fraction of glaze content is not more than 5%.
Russian product.

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