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Shrimp north, peeled boiled ice cream

Shrimp north, peeled boiled ice cream

  • Brand: Sakhalin
  • Product Code: Креветка северная, очищенная варёно-мороженая
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Northern shrimp, peeled, boiled and frozen
By buying northern peeled shrimp, you get a delicacy in a convenient format. It is enough to defrost them at room temperature, warm them up, pour boiling water or brine over them, and they are ready for use. You can use them with beer or prepare delicious salads.
Shrimp caught in the northern seas differ significantly from the southern ones in terms of the content of nutrients. They are characterized by a high content of protein, omega-3 acids, and various trace elements. Thanks to these properties, the product can be used not only as a delicacy, but also as a health food for people who have suffered serious illnesses. Also, shrimp meat is recommended for the children's menu.

Product characteristics
Specifications Northern shrimp, peeled boiled and frozen The product is ready for use without additional cooking, after defrosting. Net weight: 1 kg Ingredients: northern shrimp, water (protective ice shell). Mass glaze is not more than 14% of the mass of glazed products. Nutritional value per 100 g: Calorie content: 118 kcal Proteins - 22 g; Fats – 2 g; Carbohydrates – 3 g Shelf life: no more than 10 months from the date of manufacture at a storage temperature not higher than - 18C. TU 9265-001-12272672-10

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