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Northern shrimp, Northern Chilim

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Northern shrimp, Northern Chilim


Type ·Arthropods-Arthropoda, Subtype ·Crustacea

Upper class * cancers-Malacostraca

Subclass ·Eumalacostraca - Eumalacostraca

Superorder ·Askaridy - Eucarida

Squad ·ten-Legged crayfish-Decapoda

Suborder ·Pleocyemata - Pleocyemata

Infraorder ·Shrimp ceridemia, real ·shrimp Caridea

Superfamily ·Pandanode - Pandaloidea

Family ·Lings - Pandalidae

Genus ·Chilima-Pandalus


Northern shrimp, Northern Chilim - Pandalus borealis-is widespread in the North of the Russian Far East, comes into the sea of Japan and Peter the Great Bay. Interestingly, this species has a so-called amphiboreal range, except for the North Pacific ocean, it lives in the North Atlantic. Such an area arose as a result of the rupture of the initial continuous area of warm pre-glacial time by the modern ice regime, which was established in the Arctic basin during the last glaciation. It inhabits depths up to 500 m. In the life cycle of protandry, at the age of 2.5–3 years males become females. Valuable commercial species.


Northern shrimp — saltwater crustaceans from the order decapod. In shrimp, like most animals, there is a division by gender — there are male and female. However, our Northern Chilim is special-first he participates in the breeding process as a male, and then the Northern Chilim turns into a female and the rest of life as befits a real shrimp-mom diligently lays eggs, from which then hatches a huge number of small Northern shrimp.


Shrimp in cooking 

In Moscow, you can buy shrimp ice cream and boiled ice cream. They should be of uniform color. Do not buy Northern shrimp, if the shrimp dried shell, there are bumps, yellow, dark spots or rings on the legs. All these are signs of poor quality product is not the first freshness. If the Northern shrimps are frozen, their shells will have white spots, as if the shrimps were dried.

Boiled-frozen shrimp do not expose to stress defrosting — under hot water or in the microwave. To Northern Chilim has not lost its taste and useful properties, it must be thawed slowly, moving first from the freezer to the refrigerator, and then at room temperature.


Northern shrimp-no contraindications


We will not talk much about the benefits of shrimp, we will touch only the most important points.

Everyone knows that shrimp is a low-calorie diet product, which contains a lot of protein, iodine, calcium, mineral salts, zinc, potassium, protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Thanks to this shrimp are useful for adults and children, and healthy and sick people, except for those who are allergic to shrimp meat. Especially shrimps are recommended for asthmatics, cancer patients and people suffering from rheumatic arthritis and pneumonia.

Not so afraid of the devil (cholesterol), as it is painted

Shrimp do contain cholesterol more than other seafood, but much less than liver, eggs, keta and the well-known fish oil. Moreover, scientists from the University of Rockefeller proved the use of shrimp in the fight against cholesterol. In 1996, they conducted a study and found out how cholesterol behaves in the daily use of shrimp.

During the studies, scientists measured not only total cholesterol, but also the amount and ratio of LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). It was noted that "bad" cholesterol became higher by 7%, and "good" – by 12%. Accordingly, the ratio of "bad / good" cholesterol (atherogenic index) became lower, and the risk of atherosclerosis decreased.

In addition, statistics show that in countries where shrimp are a traditional food, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is much lower than in European countries.

So-eat shrimp for health!

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