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ACECOOK b/p noodles with shrimp and tempura sauce

ACECOOK b/p noodles with shrimp and tempura sauce

  • Brand: Japan
  • Product Code: Суп - лапша ACECOOK б/п с креветкой и соусом темпура
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ACECOOK b/p noodles with shrimp and tempura sauce

Net mass: 57 g

Ingredients: fried noodles (wheat flour, buckwheat flour, vegetable oil, vegetable or white, chicken seasoning, sugar, yams powder, vegetable seasonings)

soup (salt, saccharides, Bonito drive powder, soy, dried extract of small sardine, yeast extract, small shrimp, vegetable oil, chili, whole egg powder),

Nutritional value: proteins - 7.3 g, fats - 7 g, carbohydrates 36.7 g, vitamin В1 - 0.3 mg, В2- 0.33 mg, salt equivalent 3.6 g.

Energy value: 239 kcal

Shelf life: 6 months, use inclusive: see on packaging

Preparation method: open the lid and pour boiling water to the line on the inside of the container. Cover and wait 3 minutes.

Storage conditions: store at room temperature in dark light inaccessible to direct sunlight.

The item is certified.

Made in Japan

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