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Soup - noodles NISSIN b/p with seafood

Soup - noodles  NISSIN b/p with seafood

  • Brand: Japan
  • Product Code: Суп - лапша TOYOSUISAN б/п с морским гребешком
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text_price400 р./упак.

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Soup - NISSIN noodles b/p with seafood

Net mass: 75 g

Ingredients: wheat noodles, vegetable fats, starch, food salt, chicken powder, pork, soy sauce, sugar, spices, squid, egg, gelatin (pork), seafood extract, caramel dye, carotene dye, anti-oxidant (vitamin E), flavouring agent, vitamin В1, vitamin В2, keta, polysalc.

Nutritional value: proteins - 9.8 g, fats - 11.3 g, carbohydrates 46.9 g, sodium 1.8 g, vitamin В1, Vitamin В2, calcium.

Energy value: 328 kcal

Shelf life: use inclusive: see on package

Method of preparation: open the lid and fill with boiling water to the line on the inner side of the container. Cover and wait 3 minutes.

Storage conditions: store at room temperature in dark, inaccessible light for direct sunlight.

The goods are certified.

It is made in Japan

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