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2 dozen aniva oysters (100-150 gr. 1 pc.)

  • Brand: Sakhalin
  • Product Code: 2 дюжины анивских устриц (100/150 гр. 1 шт.)
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2 dozen Aniva oysters (100-150g)
These small Aniva oysters will be a pleasant surprise for a small company of lovers of seafood delicacies. Caught in the waters of Sakhalin, they are environmentally friendly. Their meat is able to satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated gourmet. It is slightly sweet with a delicate texture.
     But in addition to the exquisite taste, oysters contain a lot of useful substances, some of which can be considered unique. A variety of trace elements, omega-3 acids, vitamins and amino acids help to get rid of various diseases and strengthen the immune system. Metabolism is activated, cell regeneration is accelerated, which leads to rejuvenation.
     They are sold in a package of 2 dozen (24 pcs). The weight of one piece is 100-150 gr.
Oysters are delivered from an industrial aquarium in a live form in a thermal package with ice.
Before opening, we recommend rinsing the oysters under running water.
Lemon, lime and sauces will help you better experience the variety of flavors of Far Eastern oysters.
The delivery time of the goods is from 12-00 to 18-00 by the courier service of the company.
Urgent delivery is carried out by the Yandex-delivery service.
We accept all types of bank cards for payment. Online orders are accepted around the clock.

Product characteristics
Specifications Aniva oysters Calorie content: 72 kcal Nutritional value per 100 g: Protein - 19 g; Fats – 2 g; Carbohydrates – 3 g . Packaging: Thermal box, thermal package Place of catch: Russia, Sakhalin Island Shelf life: preferably consumed on the day of receipt of the goods The weight of 1 oyster is 100/150 grams.

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