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Buy a knife for opening oysters with protection in the Laostra store with delivery and pickup

Buy a knife for opening oysters with protection in the Laostra store with delivery and pickup

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Shellfish lovers know that you can eat an oyster in a matter of seconds, but it can take much longer to open its shell. Quickly open the doors can only be a special knife for oysters. At the same time, it is different for each type of oyster.

Varieties of oyster knives

The largest and heaviest is the Galveston knife, designed for large shellfish. In some countries, it is even equated with cold weapons and is prohibited to carry


нож для устриц

A medium-sized oyster carving knife, called a chispik knife, is the most common and is suitable for medium-sized oysters. It was he who once set a world record – 33 opened oysters in 1 minute.

нож для устрицThe French and Boston oyster knives, so named for their place of origin, have wedge-shaped and pear-shaped blades. They are specially made for small oysters. With a sharp blade, it is very convenient to pry small shell flaps and open the oyster with a turn. The short and wide blade, coupled with a large and comfortable handle, makes these knives very effective.нож для устриц

Rules for using a knife for opening oysters

If you have ever tried to open shellfish with ordinary knives and other devices, you know what it can cost. The time spent, the juice spilled in the process, the risk of cuts – all this can completely kill all the pleasure from the immediate process of eating. But it is worth buying a special knife and learning how to use it, as everything will be completely different.

So, having at hand an oyster knife and, in fact, oysters, you need to hold the shell with one hand, insert the tip of the knife into a small hole between its leaves and make several rotational movements so that they slightly diverge.

Next, continuing to hold the shell, you need to hold the knife along the entire upper leaf, thereby cutting the muscle that keeps the leaves closed. After that, we clamp the lower flap between our fingers and draw the knife along the shell towards us, but already under the oyster, to cut the muscle with which it is attached to the shell.

After opening the shell, the meat from the upper flap is scraped out – it is not suitable for eating. But the body of the oyster in the lower flap is quite ready for use.

To prevent injuries while working with slippery sinks, it is recommended to use protective gloves. In the process of opening oysters, you do not need to hurry, especially if you are new to this business. Over time, in the course of training, you will master this art and will be able to" get " oyster meat quickly and deftly.

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