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Squid tentacles

Squid tentacles

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Squid meat has a pleasant sweet taste and resembles the taste of octopus, but it is much milder.

Its peculiarity is that for the preparation of various dishes. Tentacles can be boiled, fried, stewed or baked.

Incredibly delicious would be a dish of squid fried in olive oil, after which it should be stewed with wine and spices.

The squid can be cooked as a separate dish or used in salads and appetizers. 

Product characteristics
Specifications Squid tentacles Ingredients: squid tentacles, water (protective ice shell). Mass fraction of icing no more than 5%. Energy value: 73 kcal. Nutrition value per 100 gr: Protein -18.2 g, Shelf life and storage conditions: 12 months at -18C. Do not freeze repeatedly. Made in Russia

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