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New product on the market of sea delicacies

Dear guests of our store!

Laostra company presents a new product to Your attention.

Sea delicacies of fast cooking are made only from high-quality raw materials, during the production cycle passes a number of control points according to the HACCP system 021.20111. Shock freezing technology allows you to save the product without losing its quality. Ice crystals are obtained in much smaller sizes than in normal freezing. This ensures the integrity of the cells. As a result, the structure of all the tissues of the product is not disturbed.

The uniqueness of the product lies in the authentic presentation and design of the dish, consisting of sea delicacies on a real wild scallop shell with the addition of refined sauces. Our company's mission is to give people the opportunity to enjoy a culinary masterpiece designed in the best traditions of the Far East at home without much effort.

The range of products can be found on the page "sea delicacies of fast cooking"

If you order from 15 pieces in the range-we will deliver free of charge in Moscow.

The products are certified.

Made in Russia.