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Seafood (seafood dishes) is an important component of a balanced diet.

Seafood contains healthy substances that are perfectly absorbed by our body and have almost no contraindications.
Seafood is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. They contain useful protein and more than thirty trace elements that positively affect the condition of our skin and hair. Iodine, zinc, sulfur, calcium, potassium, magnesium and polyunsaturated acids help our body function normally and be always in good shape. Taurine, which is especially rich in shrimp meat, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, relieves the body from an excess of cholesterol. Useful properties of seafood have been known for a long time. Even the ancient Greek philosopher and gourmet Archestratus, the author of the first cookbook, said that the most useful food is that found in the sea. No wonder half of his recipes are devoted to seafood dishes.
Seafood is balanced in composition, it is easily digested by the body and is a low-calorie food. Nutritionists recommend the " sea " diet to people who are prone to fatness. This food not only helps to lose excess weight, seafood dishes have a wonderful, refined taste. Recent research by scientists has proven that seafood is an excellent antioxidant. Astaxanthin, which is rich in shrimp, promotes tissue regeneration and prolongs youth. People who include seafood and fish in their menu are less prone to depression and melancholy. Omega-3 acid contained in shrimps, squid, mussels and other marine "Goodies" contributes to a good mood and stabilizes the psychological state.
No wonder the most common and easy is the Mediterranean diet, made up of seafood, vegetables, fruits and olive oil. Numerous studies and observations of people with different culinary preferences have shown that this diet not only extends the life span, it also improves its quality. Seafood, the benefits of which are undeniable, an abundance of vegetables and fruits, red wine, the sun that shines almost all year round – this is the recipe for the temperament of the cheerful Italian nation.
So what do we have?
1. Seafood, seafood dishes are rich in polyunsaturated acids that lower blood cholesterol and help prevent heart and vascular diseases.
2. Seafood contains little fibrous connective tissue that is poorly digested by the stomach. Therefore, the sea diet is useful for people who have digestive problems.
3. Useful properties of seafood are also determined by the content of iodine – a scarce trace element that is only available in some products. The human body cannot synthesize iodine on its own, and its lack leads to severe thyroid disease. It is enough to consume 50 g of any seafood per day to provide the body with a daily norm of iodine. By the way, in Japan, which ranks first in the world among fans of "sea" cuisine, thyroid diseases are extremely rare.
4. Seafood belongs to the group of low-calorie products. 100 g of mussels contains 3 g of fat, 100 g of shrimp – 2 g, and 100 g of squid – only 0.3 g.
The comparison is not in favor of meat, which has a calorific value of 300-600 calories per 100 g.
5. seafood dishes calm the nervous system, increase resistance to stress. Magnesium, which is part of almost all seafood, regulates the transmission of nerve impulses, relieves irritability, and helps fight insomnia and anxiety. B vitamins complement the effect of magnesium, contribute to the production of folic acid, which, in turn, stimulates the formation of the "joy hormone" - serotonin. Lack of vitamin B leads to emotional overload and psychological discomfort.
Seafood is the strongest aphrodisiac. There is a legend that the most famous lover of all time and peoples Casanova before each of their dates ate 70 oysters and washed them down with a glass of champagne. He did it quite reasonably. Seafood rich in zinc and selenium helps to produce testosterone, which increases sexual desire. Eating oysters in this amount is not necessary, but a portion of light, delicious sea salad before a romantic meeting will be very useful.

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