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Cod liver, natural

Cod liver, natural

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  • Product Code: Печень трески натуральная (250 гр)
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Cod liver oil is a natural.
Weight with packaging - 500 gr.
Cod liver is not only delicious , but also a very useful product that has a unique composition of vitamins and nutrients:
vitamin A, which is necessary for the growth of the body and increase visual acuity;
vitamin D is involved in the formation of the skeleton and keeps it healthy until the end of life;
vitamins B2 and B6 , which are necessary for the nervous system;
folic acid prevents the development of anemia;
trace elements iodine, magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, zinc, chromium;
unsaturated fatty acids.
The useful properties of cod liver include the following:
has a positive effect on visual function; 
effectively enhances the sharpness of the twilight and daylight vision;
regular consumption of cod liver nourishes the skin with moisture and gives it a radiant and healthy appearance;
it is an excellent preventive product against cancer, and patients with cancer are prescribed cod liver as a dish that strengthens and restores strength during the course of complex diseases;
due to the sufficient amount of vitamin C, cod liver is a unique product to strengthen the body's immunity;
vitamin D and minerals have a positive effect on the bone system;
beneficial effect on the performance of the circulatory system;
for small children, the product is used as a means of prevention and treatment of rickets;
and for the elderly, cod liver promotes joint and muscle mobility;
eating cod liver helps to provide the body with almost all the nutrients and nutrients, as well as help it cope with heavy daily loads.
Chilled cod liver is perfectly stored in the refrigerator and retains all its useful properties for a long time.

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