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Cucumaria salad with vegetables

Cucumaria salad with vegetables
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Fern salad
    Being not quite ordinary, this dish is considered a favorite delicacy of the inhabitants of the Far East. Leaves and shoots of the mountain bracken are used for its preparation. The salad is prepared from a salted or dried plant.
    This recipe is based on traditional Korean cuisine. It is not always possible to find all the necessary ingredients for home cooking, especially if the dish is considered overseas. In this salad, they are present in full.
     After trying it, you will get a completely new feeling. First of all, it is a piquant sharpness and a pleasant structure of shoots. 
     It is worth noting that this delicacy is not only very tasty, but also rich in various vitamins and other useful substances.

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young shoots are rich in vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A - 20.1%, beta-carotene - 40.8%, vitamin B2 - 11.7%, vitamin C - 29.6%, vitamin PP - 24.9%, potassium - 14.8%, phosphorus - 12.6%, manganese - 25.5%, copper - 32%..Made in Russia.

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