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Halibut fillet on the skin

Halibut fillet on the skin

  • Brand: Kamchatka territory
  • Product Code: Филе палтуса на коже
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Halibut fillet on the skin
    The blue-throated halibut, which lives in the waters of Kamchatka, is considered one of the most exquisite delicacies. Its meat is particularly juicy, and its taste surpasses most types of fish. Cutting is carried out directly on a fishing vessel, immediately after catching. The bones are removed, and then the fish is sent for freezing.
    When looking at the fillet, one can assume how large and fleshy it can be. Meat is considered high in calories, has a high nutritional value, contains proteins, as well as useful substances such as trace elements, omega-3 acids, amino acids, various vitamins.
    It is used in smoked, boiled, baked and fried form.

Product characteristics
Specifications Halibut fillet on the skin Composition: blue-throated halibut on the skin. The product has not been exposed to ionizing radiation. Energy value 177 kCal Nutritional value per 100 g: Proteins - 14.4g, Fats – 13.8 g Shelf life and storage conditions: 9 months at a temperature no higher than -18. Made in Russia

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