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Stingray wings

Stingray wings

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Stingray Wings
   The wings are called the fins of a stingray. They completely lack bones, and the existing cartilage becomes quite soft after heat treatment. This product is rightfully considered low-calorie and saturated with a mass of trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.
   The wing of the stingray is widely used in cooking for the preparation of exquisite delicacies. The meat is previously skinned, and then soaked to remove unpleasant odors. It is used in fried, boiled or stewed form.
   Wings are an excellent delicacy. Also, it is used as a dietary dish for sick and weakened people. The substances contained in it help strengthen the immune system and activate various systems in the body.

Product characteristics
Specifications Stingray Wings Calorie content: 111 kcal Composition: stingray wings, water (protective ice shell). The mass fraction of the glaze content is not more than 5%. Nutritional value per 100 g: Proteins - 24 g; Fats - 1.6 g; Shelf life: no more than 9 months at a storage temperature not higher than - 18C. The delivery time of the goods is from 12-00 to 18-00 by the courier service of the company. Urgent delivery is carried out by the Yandex-delivery service. We accept all types of bank cards for payment. Online orders are accepted around the clock. Made in Russia

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