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Guydak Far East

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text_price2 900 р./кг.

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The gweduck (ind. "gweduck ""deep digger") is a very unusual creature. This marine mollusk of the family Hiatellidae is its largest representative. He is also famous as one of the longest-lived people on the planet — the maximum life expectancy is 168 years! This is due to the slow metabolism in the animal's body, as well as the almost complete absence of predators that can reach it — they burrow deep into the sand and sit motionless in the same place almost all their lives. Guidacs have a fragile shell and a long siphon, reaching a meter in length. These mollusks are mainly found on the Pacific coast of North America, but are also found in Japan, New Zealand, and other places. Guidac meat is a delicacy. It is served as sushi, sashimi, or rice dishes.

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