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King crab

  • Brand: Sakhalin
  • Product Code: Краб Камчатский (особь 3,5-4 кг)
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text_price15 000 р./шт.

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Kamchatka crab (3.5-4 kg individual)
   Having tasted Kamchatka crab meat at least once, you will always remain a fan of it. Or rather, his delicious, incomparable meat. Tender, sweet, it melts in your mouth. Such an impressive weight, reaching four kilograms, will allow you to treat a small group of friends.  This delicacy can be served separately under beer or as part of various salads.
   In addition to excellent taste qualities, crab contains many unique nutrients. They help strengthen the immune system, enhance metabolism and activate various body functions.
   Delivered live in a special package.

Produced in Russia (Sakhalin)
Product characteristics
Specifications Kamchatka crab (individual weight 3.5-4 kg) Energy value: 87 kCal Nutritional value per 100 g: Proteins - 18.06 g; Fats - 1.08 g; Carbohydrates - 0.04 g. Shelf life and storage conditions: It is not recommended to store at home, it is advisable to use immediately. Produced in Russia (fr. Sakhalin)

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