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Cucumaria is known as" sea cucumber", it is called so because of its elongated shape. Dark purple or brown, and along the abdomen – a lot of small legs. Refers to the group of echinoderms, a family of sea cucumbers. Photo: Author: vodolaz In the sea cucumber contains all of 34.6 kcal per 100 g. Key ingredients: 7,3 g protein, 0.6 g fat in the absence of carbohydrates.

Useful property

Cucumaria contains many biologically active substances and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, iodine, chlorine). Has a high concentration of vitamins b and C, as well as hexosamine and holothuria. All of these substances help to strengthen and normalize the activity of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It has a restorative effect on the body. It stimulates brain activity, increases concentration, so it is useful for people of mental work. Useful properties of sea cucumber help to get rid of problems with the thyroid gland and endocrine system. Cucumaria raises the immune system, replenishes stamina and energy so often used for recovery after illness. Lowers blood sugar levels – useful in diabetes. Phospholipids in the composition of cucumaria are involved in protein synthesis and accelerate the renewal of liver cells, preventing dystrophic changes in this important organ. It is worth noting the beneficial properties for men: the use of this seafood is shown with reduced potency.

It is believed that sea cucumber restores male power and has a beneficial effect on the overall health of the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Medicines based on cucumaria help in the restoration of connective tissues of the bone skeleton, have a positive effect on the condition of the spine and joints (hip, elbow and knee). The extract is used in cancer practice, but mainly for preventive purposes. Recent research in this area shows that sea cucumber extract helps to restrain the development of malignant tumors. Cucumaria is used to treat diseases of the respiratory tract, kidneys, brain. The extract can be considered as an antiviral agent. Helps to get rid of stomach parasites. Triterpene glycosides contained in cucumaria are natural antimicrobial compounds that suppress harmful microorganisms and prevent them from developing. Therefore, sea cucumber is often used for prevention and control of fungal pathogens. Alternative medicine is used to treat and maintain the health of HIV patients. Contraindications for use There is only one contraindication – idiosyncrasy. In all other cases, you can safely use cucumaria, because its useful properties will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on your body.

Use in cooking

Found in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, sometimes the seafood is also served in the far Eastern region of Russia. In Asia, cucumaria is valued for its original taste and, of course, for its useful properties. There are many recipes involving sea cucumber: salads, snacks, soups. Good cookery and as an independent dish. It is usually served with vegetables, lean meat or other seafood. The cucumber has a pronounced taste, which is why it is better to use neutral spices in the cooking process, which will not interrupt the base. Perfect pepper, soy or tomato sauce, traditional Japanese or Chinese sauces. You can't eat raw cucumaria. It is prepared according to a strict system. First you need to boil the meat (it will take 3-4 hours), and only then continue cooking, according to the recipe. Because of this feature, many people buy sea cucumbers in the form of semi-finished products, which have already been boiled and frozen. Or you can boil a lot of cucumaria by yourself. Part prepare immediately, and the remaining meat is divided into portions and put into freezer. It is important to properly boil this seafood, so as not to lose useful properties and wonderful taste. Some recommend to put it on the stove in the evening and leave for the night, so he "came". Defrost the cookery if necessary, remove the insides and rinse well. Place in boiling salted water and leave on high heat until re-boiling. From time to time you need to remove the foam. Then reduce the heat and leave to cook for another 2-3 hours to make the meat soft. When the time comes, turn off the heat and leave the pan on the stove until morning. In the morning cucumaria is ready, you only need to drain the broth.

Skoblyanka from cucumaria

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of cucumaria; 3 cloves of garlic; 2 tablespoons of soy sauce; 1 tablespoon of tomato paste; onion; carrot; spices to taste.

Preparation: Peel and cut the onion into small cubes. Grate the carrots. Garlic pass through the press or chop into small cubes by hand. Cut the cucumaria into strips. Fry onions and carrots in a frying pan until Golden brown. Add the sea cucumber, stir and fry briefly. Pour soy sauce into the pan, add spices to taste and garlic. Stir, turn off and leave under cover. After 10 minutes, serve.

Skoblyanka from cucumaria with meat

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of lean meat; 0.5 kg of cucumaria; onion; 3 cloves of garlic; carrot; 1 tbsp of flour and tomato paste; soy sauce; spices. Preparation: cut the Meat into long strips and simmer in a frying pan until tender. Onions and carrots fry in another pan, then add the cut into strips and flour cucumaria, and tomato paste with a pinch of sugar (to paste did not seem sour). Mix the ingredients and cook for 3-5 minutes. At the bottom of the pan, put the roasted meat and the rest of the sautéed products. Pour a glass of broth and cook for 3 minutes. Add pepper, garlic, spices to taste and soy sauce. Remove from heat, and leave for another half an hour under the lid to skoblyanka infused. The finished dish can be decorated with lemon.

Salad "Sea cocktail»

This salad combines the beneficial properties of several aphrodisiacs. Therefore, it will be enjoyed by men who have problems with potency. Ingredients: 200 g mussels, squid, peeled shrimp, boiled cucumaria; a pair of garlic cloves; onion; 2 tsp vinegar; sweet pepper; 1/3 Cup cream and the same amount of dry white wine; oil; herbs and spices. Preparation: Rinse seafood and leave in a colander to glass water. At this time, cut the onion and pepper, chop the garlic. Cut seafood into equal (but small) pieces. Fry the vegetables for a couple of minutes in a pan, add the seafood. Salt, pepper, pour wine and add sugar. Stir and simmer for 5 minutes without lid. Do not overdo, otherwise the squid with shrimp will become tough. For a more delicate, refined taste, add a little soy sauce and cream.

Bon appetit!

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