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Mercenaria Of Stimpson

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         Off the coast of Primorye in 2010 began fishing for burrowing mollusk mercenaria stimpsoni (Gould, 1861).

The data of diving surveys of 2002-2015 coastal waters of Primorye up to a depth of 20 m (more than 12 thousand stations) were used. The state of gonads was studied on permanent and temporary histological preparations, growth-on marks (growth delays), distinguishable on the longitudinal cut of the shell. Mercenaria lives on sandy and silty-sandy soils, preferring open surf areas. Into the hall. Peter the Great coastline is cut by many Islands and bays. Here mercenaria live at depths of 1.5-15 m, the average density of settlements rarely exceeds 2 ind/m2 , and the amount of biomass 350 g/m2 . The species forms communities with a share of no more than 60% of the total biomass. The mainland coast from m. Turning to m. Gold is more open to wave influence and is subject to influence of a cold seaside current. In this area, the mercenaria occurs at a depth of 2-20 m, forming large settlements, sometimes with an average density of up to 5.5-7.4 copies / m2 and biomass of more than 450 g/m2 (maximum up to 40 copies/m2 and up to 2600 g / m2 ). View forms a community in the vast waters with a dominance of more than 70% of the biomass. Into the hall. Peter the Great is dominated by mollusks with a shell length (L) of 70-90 mm, and in the waters from m. Turning to m. Gold C L=55-75 mm. the Mercenary grows intensively in the first 5-6 years of life. The greatest growth in these years in mollusks from the southern waters, so that they reach the largest limit size than in cool waters from m. Turning to m. Gold. Into the hall. Peter the Great species can spawn throughout the summer, mass spawning occurs in July at an average t of water-20ºC. To the North, spawning takes place from mid-August to mid-September, the highest annual values of the water temperature is 16-18ºC. In settlements from m. Turning to m. Gold formation of puberty occurs at L=40 mm (7-8 years), at L=50-55 mm (10-11 years) all individuals are Mature. Among individuals with L=40-44 mm males predominate (1.26: 0.74), in the main reproductive part of the population (L=45-74) mm sex ratio is equal. In large-sized females with l≥75 mm predominate (0.7: 1.3). The total biomass of the mercenary off the coast of Primorye is estimated at ≈ 25 thousand tons on an area of ≈ 10 thousand hectares. 92% of the biomass and 85% of the occupied area are in the waters from m.Turning to m. Gold. Fishing is a drag, the annual limit of ≈ 600 t learn in 32-69%. Shellfish are sold on the markets of Asian countries in live form.

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