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text_price1 200 р./кг.

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 The shell is oval-rounded, covered with radial and concentric ribs of the same height. The inside edge of the shell is serrated. The maximum length is about 40 mm. 


       The species is widespread in the Japanese and southern part of the sea of Okhotsk (Aniv Bay, Northern coast of Hokkaido, southern Kuril Islands). It lives at depths from 0.5 to 6-10 m both in open areas of the coast, and in bays and bays. Adults are attached by bissusnyh threads to the boulders and large pebbles, and usually occupy small cavities and crevices on the bottom or side surfaces, sometimes empty hole drilled by rock borers. Attached juveniles of P. euglypta is also found in dead rhizomes of the sea grass. Summer water temperature in habitats can reach 18-20C.

It tastes like Venus.

Calories, kcal: 86

Proteins, g: 14.7 

Fats, g: 1.0 

Carbohydrates, g: 3.6


Russian product.

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