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Sea Cucumber Far East


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Trepang Far Eastern
    Trepang belongs to the echinoderm species of the holothurium class. The elongated body covered with bumps reaches 43 centimeters. Weight about 1.5 kg.
    Despite this rather unsightly appearance, this marine animal has excellent healing properties. His whole body is saturated with useful substances. According to Ancient Chinese wisdom, an infusion of it has a rejuvenating and life-prolonging effect
    It can be eaten raw, filled with soy sauce, or boiled for cooking various dishes.

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Useful properties of trepang
Trepang is appreciated for the fact that its meat contains a variety of useful trace elements: manganese, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iodine, vitamins B1, B2, B12, fats, proteins, phosphatides, unsaturated fatty acids.
The unique property of trepang is that no pathogens of infections have ever been found in it. Moreover, the water around the animal's habitat is also clean - trepang purifies the water, killing bacteria. This is its main role in the biological chain.
Trepangs are commercial edible sea cucumbers. The fleshy body wall of the holothuria is used as a food product. Trepangs are hunted mainly in the countries of Southeast Asia. In Russia (Primorsky Krai), Far Eastern trepang is mined.

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